Apple iDevice February 14, 2016

The Cydia Tweak Akri has been officially released and works with devices that have iOS 9 or higher. Akri is a new cydia tweak that will spice up your Lock Screen by adding pages of your favorite apps, which you can launch right from the Lock Screen. Honestly, tweaks like this compel us to Jailbreak our devices. They make our regular tasks much easier than ever.  By default, the tweak is already enabled. You just need to add apps that you wish to add on the Lock Screen. Remember to respring your device after making any changes. Even if the change is minor, respring is mandatory. If you have a Passcode enabled on your iPhone or iPad, then scroll down to the bottom of preferences and enter your Passcode.

Akri features

  • With the Akri tweak, you get as many of your favourite apps you want on the Lock screen. It is a kind of Lock screen app launcher, but it’s less intrusive.
  • Akri can be invoked on the Lock screen by swiping right, and then the apps can be accessed by making left swipes.
  • The Akri tweak gets a preferences pane that can be found in the stock Settings app. Using the preferences pane, you can enable or disable the tweak. You can choose all those apps that you want in the tweak. Of course, you need to respring your device for the changes to take place, and this also applies when you are enabling and disable the tweak.
  • In case you have set a passcode in your iOS device, you need to enter it into the Passcode section of Akri’s preferences pane. This makes sure that your apps are launched directly. Not filling in this field even if you have set a passcode will result in the apps not launching.
  • If you are worried about the security of your data, you should not keep sensitive applications on the Lock screen. Also, if you have set a passcode, your device will automatically lock if you try to close an app launched from the Lock screen using Akri.
  • If you want to be fully secure and want to keep your personal data away from prying fingers, you must exclude some apps from the Akri list. For example, do not choose the Photos app for the Akri shortcuts, as you won’t want anyone sneaking into your personal album. Similarly, apps like Messaging, Facebook, etc. must not be kept on the Lock screen using the Akri tweak unless you do not have a problem with anyone opening those apps.


Akri cydia tweak

Akri jailbreak tweak

If you’re in to give this tweak a try, Akri is now available as a $1.99 package on Cydia’s BigBoss repository and fully supports iOS 9 and It works with iPhone 6s also iPhone 6s Plus. To install this program requires a jailbroken device (see if and how you can do the jailbreak to your iPhone by clicking here) and you need an Internet connection to download the package.

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