Apple iDevice April 11, 2017

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service. Nowadays even organizations use it to connect with customers. Sometimes customers have frequently asked questions. Due to lack of man power or time, organizations are unable to answer all the queries in real time.

Setting up predefined answers to these common questions on WhatsApp can help the business going. Sending an automated reply to WhatsApp message creates a better impression in customer’s mind. Not just organizations but this could also help individuals. So to set this up, you will need a jailbreak your iPhone.

Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply Message on Your iPhone

  1. Open your Cydia app
  2. Make sure the BigBoss repo is fully reloaded
  3. Purchase the tweak called WAAutoReply (it’s $5).
  4. Install > Respring.

Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply Message on Your iPhone

Once the tweak is installed on your iOS device, you can configure it directly inside the WhatsApp application. Thus, you can send an automatic reply to any WhatsApp message on your iPhone. Surprise your friends or customers with this little but useful trick.

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