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Instagram is among the most addicting social Media Programs out there. Countless iPhone users utilize the app on a daily basis. If you are among many avid users of the Instagram program, then we’ve got some nice Instagram tips and shortcuts for you who will surely assist in improving your general experience of the iOS app. Here are just 7 Instagram characteristics that you probably don’t know about.

1. Mute Stories from Particular Users

Instagram stories can be fun and Helpful in keeping up with what your Clients are up to. However Stories feature isn’t why you’d combined Instagram and stories from particular users that you follow can be somewhat annoying. Thankfully Instagram makes it possible for users to mute stories from certain individuals that they follow without needing to unfollow them. To mute any Instagram user’s stories only, tap and hold on his or her profile photo of the Stories bar and then tap the ‘Mute user’ button.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

You can also stop certain followers from viewing your narrative. To accomplish this, simply open Instagram settings from your profile page, tap on ‘Story Settings’ choice and then tap ‘Hide narrative from’ option. On the next page, select the users that you want to hide your stories from.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

2. Sort Filters and Eliminate them

Everyone has their favorite filters they enjoy the most. There Are also specific filters which you never use. Instagram enables users to rearrange the position of the filters by tapping and holding on the filter thumbnail and moving it left or right. You can also get rid of the filter by pulling it over.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

3. Get Notified When Your Favorite User posts something

We follow Tens of Thousands of Instagram users, so many of them are our friends, Favored celebrities or brands we enjoy. Out of the countless you will find a few particular accounts that we care about others. If you don’t want to skip posts from your favorite Instagrammers, then you may get notified any time they post something new. To allow notifications to get an Instagram account open their profile page and tap on the menu button from the top right side of this display. Then in the menu, tap on ‘Turn on Post Notifications’.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

4. View insights by switching from Personal to Business profile

Instagram shows, special insights to Company profile users, that are Not available for private account users. Business profile owners may see the amount of impressions their posts received, top performing posts, insights about stories and much more. To switch to a business profile go to profile settings and then tap on ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option. Only public accounts could be converted into business profiles.

5. See all the Articles you’ve Enjoyed in 1 place

Want to see the Picture that you Enjoyed a week ago, but can’t Recall who posted it? The fantastic news is Instagram makes it super simple for consumers to see all the photographs they have enjoyed in one place. To view posts that you have liked on Instagram visit your profile settings and tap on ‘Articles that you have Liked’.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

6. Zoom in on Photographs

Instagram added That This feature a Little while ago, however many Consumers Nonetheless Do not understand about it. You can zoom in on photographs by executing a pinch to zoom gesture in an image.

7. Only Show Approved posts in ‘Photos Of You’

Do you find it annoying when Folks tag you in photos That You’re Not a component of or those that you wouldn’t normally approve. What makes matters worse is that Instagram shows tagged photos in the ‘Photos Of You’ section of the profile. You can alter this behavior by creating Instagram to only show images that you’ve manually accepted. To accomplish this, simply open ‘Photos of You’ tap and section the menu button from the upper right side of this screen. In the menu, tap ‘Tagging Options’. Finally, select ‘Add Manually’ alternative.

7 Hidden Instagram Features You Might Not Know About

There you go People, these are some of These Instagram Hints and tricks Which will aid in creating the entire Instagram experience better for you.

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