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Developer apps cydia launch release AppHeads, This tweak works with iOS 8 or higher. AppHeads jailbreak tweak brings reimagines the multitasking interface on the iPhone and iPad. This tweak inspiration from Facebook’s Chat Heads interface, where circular avatars are laid out on the sides of the screen, and tapping on any one of them brings up the corresponding conversation. The tweak provides a wide range of customization options in Settings, giving users full control over how it works. You can have the AppHeads appear on both sides of the screen or just one depending on your preference.


Features of AppHeads

  • Enable for certain Apps
  • Assign a Show / Hide Action
  • Design the Live View
  • Choose different Display Modes
    • Free
    • Locked (Left, Bottom, Right, Top)
  • Allow AppHeads in Lockscreen
  • Hide During Videos
  • Choose allowed Edges to snap to
    • Left Edge only
    • Right Edge only
    • Both edges
  • Assign a Tap Action
    • Show Live View
    • Open Application
  • Assign a Hold Action
    • Show Live View
    • Close App
    • Close all Apps
    • Open Application
  • Prevent access to the Live View using Touch ID (64 bit devices)
  • Quickly switching Live Views
  • Close View to quickly close an App
  • Flipswitch Toggle to hide / show AppHeads
  • AppHeads reacts to push notifications
    • Pushes the AppHead of the App for which the notification is meant for to the front
  • Home Button Press to dismiss
    • When showing a Live View you can dismiss it easily with a press on the home button
  • Transparent Icons
    • AppHeads will become transparent after a few seconds to reveal what is below.
      They will be fully visible when you drag them around or touch them

What’s New In AppHeads v1.0-1

  • Initial release

If you’re jailbroken, you can download AppHeads deb available in cydia via the BigBoss repo for $4.99 and supports iOS 8.

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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