Apple iDevice June 14, 2016

Apple Announces macOS Sierra with Siri, Release Date Set for Fall 2016

Apple today officially announced macOS Sierra, which is the next version of its desktop operating system. The first developer beta has been seeded today, with the public beta primed for release in July. Following the developer and public beta releases, Apple plans to launch macOS Sierra this fall for the public.

As expected, The biggest new addition for macOS Sierra is Siri, which lets users ask the digital personal assistant to do a variety of things, like find files, contacts, and use more complex voice queries to find specific elements on their computer from specific dates or from other people. Siri can also play music from Apple Music, send messages, and much more.

Alongside Siri, Apple has added the ability to access documents saved on your Mac from your iPhone, iPad or PC. If saved on the desktop or in the Documents folder, these files can be accessed through the iCloud Drive app.

Continuity has also been improved with Universal Clipboard: Copy text, an image, or a video onto your iPhone, and you can paste it onto your Mac or iPad, and vice versa. Navigation has also improved with Tabs, a feature Apple added to Mac apps that supports windows and third-party apps.

Apple Pay is coming to macOS Sierra in a big way, thanks to website integration and more. Apple Pay on the web will let users use the mobile payment option within Safari, where there’s a “Pay with Apple Pay,” which will let you use Continuity and Touch ID on your iPhone to authenticate the purchase. Merchants include GILT, and many others.

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