Apple iDevice June 14, 2016

Apple Introducing iOS 10 with New Features, Release Date Set for Fall

Apple finally unveiled the biggest update of all today to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple has released iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with major upgrades. Apple is calling iOS 10 the biggest upgrade to iOS since the original iPhone. Being a major mobile software update, iOS 10 is destined to bring a plethora of new features to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. iOS 10 has a list of exciting new features for both the end users and the developers alike. Some of the new features include changes to the lock screen, alternations to the Messages, and overhauling of the way the 3D Touch feature works of the Apple mobile devices.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features and changes available in iOS 10.

  • Redesigned Lock Screen: Changes to the lock screen not only allows users to get more content right on their lock screen but also let them interact with the content. Action like displaying email contents, responding to messages, and clear all notifications can be achieved using 3D Touch right from the lock screen.
  • Redesign Control Panel: iOS 10 comes with a dedicated music panel. Swiping right will give access to the camera while swiping right brings up the widgets.
  • Siri: Apple’s personal voice assistant is getting much smarter and support for 3rd-party application has been added with the release of a brand new SDK just for that purpose. Siri can now be used to call Uber, send messages using third-party applications, transfer money, and much more.
  • Photos: In iOS 10, Photos app has also seen major changes such as better facial, places, objects, and scenes recognition. The application is capable of creating movies by threading photos and videos together and allows you to add music and typography.
  • QuickType Keyboard: The stock iOS keyboard has now received Siri integration to provide conversation relevant information such as the ability to provide the location. iOS 10 has also added bilingual support to its built-in keyboard.
  • Home: The new Home app in iOS 10 brings together all the Homekit-enabled smart devices and makes it easier to control them. With the “Scenes” feature, User will be able to say Goog Morning to Siri to have their blinds open and lights turned on. Saying good night will do the opposite.
  • iMessage: Among major changes, iMessages has received bigger emoji, an emoji suggestion as an alternate to a word, and fullscreen animations to make the conversation more delightful. Invisible Ink feature allows users to swipe their finger over a picture or words to haze them out, making the content be an actual secret. Other additions include the ability to reply in handwriting, drawing on images, stickers, and much more.
  • Other prominent new changes in iOS 10 include the addition of dynamic view to the stock Apple Maps, user-friendly interface, real-time traffic update, alternate routes, and extension for third-party apps among others. Apple Music has also seen a refresh to its user interface, easier method of multitasking, and integrated song lyrics. Apple News receives push notifications for breaking News and subscription for contents. The News application can now provide an experience based on user’s habits. The Phone app has also received integration of third-party VoIP apps.

For iOS 10 Apple is allowing developers to either download the whole iOS IPSW file on their computer and restore through iTunes, or download a configuration profile that would allow them to update over-the air.

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