Apple iDevice April 13, 2013

Developer apps cydia launch update Audio Recorder, This tweak works with iOS 6 or higher. Audio Recorder v0.2-246 tweak for record the phone calls you need to listen to later, such as business calls, appointment arrangements, doctor notes etc and you can store them locally on your iPhone. You can then play them, send them to your email or delete them. Audio Recorder deb does not use a remote server to store your calls, like other apps use as a workaround. It records the telephony service voice data directly on the device! There is no need for an internet connection when you record a call. This tweak works only on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices.

CallRecorder deb - Audio Recorder 0.2-246 Cydia Tweak Updated With Added FAQ in Settings

What’s New In Audio Recorder v0.2-246

  • Added FAQ in settings

Download Audio Recorder 0.2-246 available in cydia via the ModMyi repo for free and supports iOS 6.1.2

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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