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Once you’ve opted to jailbreak your iOS apparatus, now is the time to add a well reputed source to your jailbroken device. Cydia resources are also referred to as repositories or “Retailer’s”. Repositories or Sources are actually the domain URL places where Cydia tweaks and topics are all hosted. The more Cydia sources you will have downloaded, the more Cydia apps and tweaks you will have the ability to install to your own jailbroken device.

That is the reason why we have put together a list of top 10 best Cydia Sources and Cydia repos that you’re able to get for your iPhone. Each of these share tens of thousands of free Cydia tweaks, utilities and topics on your jailbroekn iOS apparatus.

The Best Cydia Sources of 2018

  • BigBoss

Big Boss or BigBoss & Planet-iPhone is one among the six most famous default Cydia sources. BigBoss definitely has something special that almost every Cydia device has this repo. More than a thousand Cydia apps is available in this repo. In case you delete this repo by mistake, you can re-add it again with the repo URL here.

Cydia source URL:
  • ModMyi

The first one to be mentioned in the top 10 list is definitely ModMyi. ModMyi is one very popular Cydia repo and there are reasons why it is one of the default Cydia sources. No one is allowed to miss this repo becuase ModMyi server is flooded with a lot of Cydia apps, tweaks, mods, themes, icons, and cool apps that help you to customize your iPhone or iPad.

Cydia source URL:
  • Insanelyi 

Insanelyi is an insane Cydia repo that holds many apps, mods, and themes that let iPhone users to customize their phone. In 2016, Insanelyi repo has more than 8,000 packages including apps and tweaks available and the number is increasing. There must be a few packages that fit your needs, isn’t it?

Cydia source URL:
  • xSellize

Emulator Gamers! xSellize is a MUST for you! xSellize has been in the jailbreak community for quite a long time. This repo stands until today because of all the emulated games it hosts. A jailbreak users can download ROM packs from this repo and play any games they want on their iPhone or iPad.

Cydia source URL:
  • Sinful iPhone

Sometimes we can roughly guess what a Cydia source has by reading the name. Sinful iPhone, what do you think? This repo is sinful because it gives you many paid apps for free.

Cydia source URL:
  • iPhoneCake

According to a recent study done by a local University, more than 40% of iPhone and iPad users spend their time to play games. If you are one of them, iPhoneCake is one awe-inspiring Cydia repo for you.

Cydia source URL:
  • FilippoBiga

FilippoBiga is not a very popular Cydia source because it does not host many apps. However, it has to be mentioned at least once in this top 10 list because of the quality of the apps it hosts. Although this repo has less than a thousand apps, most of the apps are fascinating. You can find apps to customize your lockscreen, carrier logo, status bar, icons, and docks in this repo.

Cydia source URL:
  • iSpazio

iSpazio is an Italian made Cydia source. It was originally available only in Italian but now this repo is made available in English. As this is a new comer in Cydia world, it hosts many latest apps and tweaks for iOS 9 device. Famous apps available in iSpazio are Apple Diamond, Artist SMS, Apple Wi-Fi Icons, and many more.

Cydia source URL:
  • BiteYourApple

Except iSpazio, BiteYourApple is another famous Italian made Cydia source in the top 10 list. Hundreds of amazing apps, tweaks, and packages are available to download for free and most of them work on iOS 9 devices.

Cydia source URL:
  • Karen’s Pineapple Repo

Since Karen’s Pineapple repo was released, it was mentioned frequently on many websites on the internet. This is because it is one of the best Cydia sources for iPad and also iPhone. iOS users who want powerful system utilities need to add this repo and install apps such as SafariSaver, IneffectivePower, PreferenceOrganizer2 and AppSync Unified. This repo also known as Angelxwind repo.

Cydia Source URL:
  • Xarold Repo

Xarold is also the best cydia sources which helps to modify your devices by installing useful tweaks and useful tweaks which brings your device homescreen as well as lockscreen a new look.

Cydia Source URL:
  • Alfhaily APT repository

Searching principally for changes that help you enlarge the Instagram or YouTube encounter? You may like the Alfhaily APT store. You’ll likewise locate a couple of different treats that may apply to your preferring.

Cydia SourceURL:

So, if you are looking for a new tweak for your iDevices, then on over to the repos I have mentioned on the list, and you will surely find a cool tweak that you will like. Do let me know what other Cydia sources you are using in 2018 on your jailbroken iPhone.

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