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I don’t believe any individual would certainly have the ability to utilize an iPhone or iPad without their key-board. I suggest most of us kind as well as do search questions every day. Which require a panel of secrets to help us interact the system and also tool itself.

By default, Apple has actually added a couple of choices for customers to tailor the way their Key-board deal with their apple iphone as well as iPad. As an example, you have performance like:

  • Auto-Capitalization
  • Auto-Correction
  • Enable Caps Lock
  • Character Preview
  • “.” Shortcut
  • Enable Dictation
  • Words Prediction
  • And a lot more

The good idea is that customers are not limited to cope with all of these options. You have the ability to transform any of the mentioned functions on or off in the Setups application. While Apple is rather versatile with their Key-board setups, we discovered that there is still room for enhancement.

With that said being said, this blog post is dedicated to bringing you some of the best Cydia tweaks for your Key-board in jailbroken iOS 9 as well as 10.

1. KB NoPredictiveBackground

Our initial tweak will certainly not include any type of added performance to your Key-board. As the name suggested, this bundle will remove the darker history from the Anticipating words that present in addition to the keyboard.

The Predictive secrets are useful for customers to kind a much faster message, however its hideous separator as well as history color could end up being bothersome.

KB NoPredictiveBackground will allow you to get eliminate them and also have the Predictive keyboard blend in with the rest of your keys.

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Keyboard Experience

2. HandyKey

Do you like to type with only one hand? HandyKey is a jailbreak fine-tune that resizes your Key-board and also makes it easier for you to type on a larger apple iphone display utilizing only one hand.

When making use of HandyKey, you need to remember the following:

  • The Keyboards will not deal with some applications that require origin authorization
  • Suitable with Portrait key-board layout only
  • Does not work with any kind of 3rd-party key-boards from the AppStore

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Keyboard Experience

Once installed from the BigBoss repo, you could establish an activation setting making use of Ryan Petrich’s Activator plan. Users have the ability to change back and forth between one-hand as well as both-hand Keyboards on their iOS devices.

3. HapticKeyboard

Ever wish to include taptic feedback to your Keyboard? Currently you can with the HapticKeyboard modify. To proceed better, your gadget needs to currently support haptic comments feature.

You can mount this tweak for your iOS 9 as well as 10 from Cydia’s BigBoss, and it’s totally free by the way. When done, open the Setups application and also go to HapticKeyboard’s choice page to configure the tweak.

4. PredictionShortcuts

There are something you ought to understand about me. I despise utilizing the Anticipating key-board, and also I always have a tough time choosing a certain set of text on a notepad or trying to carry out a copy/paste feature.

When I found out about the PredictionShortcuts modify, I quickly install it.

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Keyboard Experience

This plan will change the recommended words on your Keyboard with the shortcuts switch that include Paste, Select All, Undo, Copy, as well as a lot more.

5. MusicalKeyboard

This tweak was established by one of our favorite designer, Ziph0n. With this production, it just reveals why he’s constantly on my best list whenever I jailbroke my apple iphone.

MuscialKeyboard will play music (with five different integrated tools) whenever you start keying. This tweak eventually changes the default audio whenever you’re inputting. As a result, the Sound alternative should be toggled to On if you intend to listen to the tool from MusicalKeyboard.

6. ColorfulKBD Pro

So you prefer to transform the shade of your Key-board, but you despise sticking to one fixed shade. Well, you remain in the right area since there is a tweak that alters your Keyboard color at random.

When keying, this way you never obtain tired. In added to automating the keyboard shade transforming behavior, ColorfulKBD additionally blends the shades between “Shade Degrees, Brightness, Saturation and Background picture.”

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Keyboard Experience

As a result, the Key-board on your iphone gadget will certainly always be vibrant and full of various kind of color tones.

That’s all we have for this list. Naturally, there are many more Key-board tweaks offered on Cydia. Check them out and also let us recognize just what we need to include following.

The mini guide listed below is for people who updated to iphone 10 and found the typing tips feature frustrating could currently transform it off.

Turn off Typing Suggestions from Keyboard

Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Keyboard Experience

I just discovered that when you long press on the language trick, it will certainly show an alternative to shut off the Anticipating function.

Still do not know just how?

  1. Go to an application that lets you type (i.e., Messages).
  2. Faucet on a typable area as well as it will certainly bring up the Key-board.
  3. Tap and also hold the language key to raising Predictive, Emoji, and your pre-set languages.
  4. Tap on the Anticipating toggle to transform it off.
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