Apple iDevice August 11, 2017

Every once in a while, we encounter a wonderful jailbreak tweak that certainly deserves to receive a mention. 1 such tweak is Boxy 3 Which was released a few days back. If you jailbreak your own iPhone with the principal reason of customizing it, then you are going to enjoy this new tweak.

Boxy 3 is a customization tweak which provides you complete control over How the Home screen design should look like. It gives a set of fine controls that permit you to specify the positioning of apps, adjust the distance between adjacent apps, move programs nearer to one edge of the screen, plus much more.

Once you install Boxy 3, you’re ready to customize your Home screen Design. Simply swipe up on your Home screen and a popup appears with preferences that let you specify the layout of the app icons. The popup exhibits a set of controls that allow you to perform the following:

  • Fix the horizontal padding between program icons.
  • Configure the vertical padding between programs.
  • Define the spacing of all apps from the sides of the screen.
  • Fix the spacing of programs from the surface of the display.

What I like the most about this tweak is that the changes are Exhibited in real time. Since you configure the preferences to customize your house screen design, the app icons go around with a very smooth animation based on the positions that you define.

In addition to design personalization, Boxy 3 has the ability to save Your layouts so that you can readily change from 1 design to another without having to start all over again. When you’ve defined your custom design, press the Insert button at the upper right corner of the popup window. Enter the name of the layout, then press Add to save your custom design. You may get all your saved layouts by swiping to the left to the popup window.

At the Peak of the settings window, then you’ll find three distinct Controls — a minimize button that shrinks the popup window so that it is possible to have a look at your custom Home screen design, a grabber for moving round the popup window and placing it anywhere you need, and also a close button for concealing the window.

Boxy 3 Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Customize Home Screen Layout

Besides all of the awesomeness mentioned above, the tweak Provides a little more of customization options that may be accessed through its committed preferences pane in Settings. There, you’ll find the following choices:

  • Enable or disable the tweak or the popup settings window
  • Hide the Home display pagination dots
  • Hide the program icon labels
  • Change the shape of app icons to square
  • Hide the Home display dock
  • Create a new design with custom columns and row count

With Boxy 3, you can literally customize Your House screen design to Look how you desire. The best part is the fluid animations that happen in real time as you change the layout settings.

Boxy is quite similar to another jailbreak tweak known as Springtomize. If you’re an old jailbreak user, then you should be quite knowledgeable about this popular jailbreak tweak. Springtomize is an all-purpose bundle which allows you to customize any part of your own iOS device. It has similar attributes to Boxy, also it offers tons of additional customization choices. The significant benefit of Boxy 3 on Springtomize is your real time changes and the fluid animations, however, if you’re looking for a full-fledged customization tweak which lets you customize any aspect of your iOS device, then you should go for Springtomize instead.

If you want to give Boxy 3 an attempt, it’s readily available for $1.99 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

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