Apple iDevice August 24, 2017

Back in iOS 10, Apple introduced a new feature of CallKit That allowed The programmers to integrate their Calls into the Phone App. There are individuals who do not want to see the activity of third-party apps in the Phone App. They only want to see the cellular calls only and nothing else from some other third-party programs. If you’re one of these users that wishes to hide the action of third-party programs from the Phone App then you need to test out a fresh jailbreak tweak known as ByeThirdParty.

ByeThirdParty Is a brand fresh jailbreak tweak that allows you to completely hide and remove the data of third party software from the Phone app, so you can only observe the Phone Calls from Cellular contacts only.

ByeThirdParty Jailbreak Tweak

These third party applications include:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • many others

This Tweak will cancel all of the action of those apps in the Phone App making it easy and clean for you to use just as it was in the last iterations of this iOS.

Not everyone is a fan of the new CallKit Characteristic of iOS 10 and also to tell the facts, it’s quite annoying for me also. So, to prevent all the confusion between the third party apps and also the Phone Calls, you should certainly try this out tweak. This tweak comes in really hands and simplifies this small yet annoying problem.

The Tweak is ready to use soon after installation and has no choices for configuration. Simply set up the tweak and let it perform its own function.

If you’re considering trying this out jailbreak tweak then you can download and install ByeThirdParty from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo for free. It is compatible with all iOS 10 Jailbroken apparatus.

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