Apple iDevice September 7, 2017

Let us make a start with the now little story. I am also using UberDriver App within my own country and providing taxi service here. In the morning when I found my App it stated you can’t use the program because you have a Jailbroken device. I was shocked. After some study, I found a solution which I am going to share with you guys right now.

Like previous, another day, another Cydia tweak. Now we have a very Useful tweak for those brothers who are only using Uber to earn money. Recently, Uber staff has just updated the UberDriver program with security fixes. In the new edition, those users that have a Jailbroken device or Rooted device aren’t able to use it anymore.

But, do not worry as all over the world, many iOS programmers attempt To sort out the issues as soon as possible. Yes, it was a big headache for many UberDriver app users.

Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Uber Driver App Using UberDriverPatch

What is UberDriverPatch & How It Works?

At this time, you can easily set up UberDriverPatch on your Jailbroken device for UberDriver Jailbreak detection skip.

You don’t have need to carry out any manual action every time. Just a Single installation will allow you to like the application for free.

How to Install Uber Driver Jailbreak Detection Bypass

This is a just a little long process, but gonna work on your device. I Have already tested it two times and it works fine. If you are one who is also looking for Uber Driver Jailbreak detection bypass, unwind now.

Just follow the specified below measures carefully without skipping any one Of these. Each step is vital. This tutorial, gont requires you about 10-12 minutes. Excellent luck for those results and be hopeful.

  1. At the very first, Open Cydia in your device and install AppAdmin tweak.
  2. In the second step, add for your Cydia Sources.
  3. Now hunt and Install UberDriverPatch from the additional repo.
  4. Must respring your device after installing those tweaks.
  5. Also, Install Filza File Manager from Cydia on your Jailbroken device.
  6. Go to AppStore and Search for Uber Driver Application.
  7. Just hold the Open button with no 3D touch.
  8. In this step, select downgrade in the menu and pick the Uber Driver Version ‘3.136.3’.
  9. Once it has downloaded, just go to Filza File Manager.
  10. Navigate to /var/containers/Bundles/Applications and select Uber Driver app.
  11. Inside this, pick folder.
  12. Here, look up for the information. Plist file carefully.
  13. Now it must exhibit an arrow pointing towards the right together with Root to the right of it. Harness to enlarge it more.
  14. Now look for CFBundleShortVersionString closely. Click at the data ‘I’ circle.
  15. Without wasting the time, alter the value into the present version you’ve downloaded.
  16. Further, alter the significance of CFBundleVersion into the present edition.
  17. As a consequence, save your progress from the upper right corner. Simply hit the done button and let it go.
  18. Finally, respring or reboot your device calmly.
  19. After the reboot or respring, simply open your Uber Driver Application.
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