How to Check iPhone Battery Healthy Using Battery Life App

If you have been following the recent Information, then you would know that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhone’s functionality to provide longer battery lifetime. A quicker performing iPhone uses more power, and when a battery has worse than this may result in lower battery performance. So to improve the battery life and preventing iPhone from shutting down, Apple slows the apparatus rather.

The controversial ‘battery smoothing’ feature was on iPhone 6 And iPhone 6s, however, with iOS 11.2 Apple has added the exact same feature to iPhone 7. Meaning, if your iPhone 7’s battery comes with wear, it will perform slower to provide a better battery life.

Check iPhone Battery Healthy Using Battery Life App

You can solve this issue by getting a replacement battery from Apple Or one of its authorized repair shops. However, before you could decide if you will need battery replacement you need to check if your device has wear in the first location.

You can assess the iPhone battery wear for free using the Battery Life program. Just download the app from the App Store, in which it is readily available for free. Once downloaded, launch the program on your iPhone and it will tell you if your battery is in a perfect, very good or very bad condition. You’ll also receive the battery wear percent level that can help you understand how severe the wear has become.

The program also shows useful information such as adjusted runtime for the device based on present wear degree.

You can download the Battery Life program for free.