Coco Jailbreak Tweak Brings Features Do Not Disturb for Specific Apps on iOS 9

Do No Disturb is actually a useful feature in iOS that allows you to stop notifications, incoming calls, and signals at certain instances of your day. The schedule function is advantageous when you’re at work and want to stop all notifications quickly.

A very important factor that I’ve always desired to discover in Disturb will be the power to eliminate it for certain apps. Solutions when you need to silence all announcements, apart from a few crucial people. Luckily, if you’re jailbroken, this is accomplished using a new jailbreak tune called Coco.

You need to use Coco to eliminate it for particular apps and continue receiving notifications and signals from these apps while Do Not Disturb is empowered. For example, in case you receive significant email notification from the Mail app, then you may desire to eliminate DoN’t Disturb for Email while keeping it-enabled for many other apps.

Coco Jailbreak Tweak

Using Coco is very simple. Visit there you’ll and the preferences pane, find a listing of all-the apps installed on your system once mounted. Discover the app for which you wish to eliminate Disturb and turn off toggle close to it. You’ll continue receiving announcements from the disabled app today when Disturb is enabled on your own iPhone.

If you’ve actually wished to allow Do No Disturb over a per-app basis, then you’ll discover this tweak useful. The downside is that the tune continues to be created for iOS 9, therefore if you’re running iOS 10 on your iPhone subsequently you’re from the lock. Coco can be obtained being a free package in Cydia’s BigBoss repo and facilitates iOS 9.