Apple iDevice March 6, 2017

The ColorFlow 3 tweak for iOS 10 powered tools focuses on colorizing the music listening experience for the users of Music app and also the Spotify application. The tweak matches the shade of UI with the shade of now playing song’s cd art work. The tweak will colorize the UI of the currently playing display as well as of the lockscreen when the track is playing behind-the-scenes with the tool locked.

Once installed, ColorFlow 3 includes a choices pane to the Setups application where you could choose the applications that are influenced by the tweak, as well as just what happens on the Lock display.

ColorFlow 3 Cydia Tweak

If you have an interest in trying ColorFlow 3, it’s offered in Cydia’s BigBoss repository today for $1.99. If you have any type of previous version(s) of ColorFlow, then it’s available to you for a reduced upgrade rate of $0.99.

Keep in mind: ColorFlow 3 is made particularly for jailbroken iphone 10 gadgets, so if you have other iOS variation, be sure to look into a tradition version of the tweak, like ColorFlow 2, created your particular iOS variation.

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