Apple iDevice March 25, 2018

ColorMyBattery tweak to get iOS 11 alters the color of this battery indicator depending on the current battery level. From tweak’s preferences, you can change what color to show at the level. This means you may have distinct color for 91%-100% than 81%-90% and so on all of the way down to continue 10 percent.

After installing ColorMyBattery, You Can See the tweak’s preference pane in the Settings app:

Here, you are able to:

  • Toggle the tweak off
  • Hide the battery percent in the icon
  • Pick a different color for every tenth battery percent increment

The tweak provides you a huge assortment of colors to select from, which means you aren’t constrained in any manner shape or form.

ColorMyBattery Jailbreak Tweak

If you’d like to get really creative, then you could set unique shades of yellow, green, orange, and crimson for every increment so that the battery icon uses color to portray the battery that you have remaining. From this, you won’t have to observe that the numeric percent anymore.

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