Apple iDevice July 27, 2017

Should you use Mobile Data on Your Own iPhone, then you might be aware that You are able to easily filter apps to choose the ones which may access your mobile data connection. This enables you to block apps that consume a lot of bandwidth, so rescue you from wasting unnecessary mobile data.

Unfortunately, such a characteristic is not available for filtering WiFi access. This is where a new jailbreak tweak comes in to fill the gap. Called ConditionalWiFi2, this jailbreak tweak permits you to block specific programs from having access to a WiFi connection.

You may be thinking why anyone would call for such a characteristic. Well, It comes in handy in many situations. For instance, if your internet service provider (ISP) restricts your internet usage information, then you can use this tweak to block apps that have a lot of bandwidth. Likewise, there are apps that use a network connection in the background, like Facebook, which not only wastes your internet bandwidth but also affects your iPhone’s battery life.

These are Only a few examples in which you’ll require such kind of a tweak And I’m confident that there are many different scenarios in which it will come in handy, particularly when you are using a public WiFi and do not want your sensitive apps from having access to the internet since public WiFi isn’t secure.

Using this tweak is quite Straightforward and works quite like blocking Apps on Cellular Information. The tweak incorporates into the WiFi pane in Settings to allow you to enable or disable the apps that have to have access to WiFi. This is what I enjoy the most about this tweak because it doesn’t add another preference pane only for filtering apps for WiFi.

ConditionalWiFi2 Jailbreak Tweak Prevent Certain Apps from Accessing WiFi NetworkConditionalWiFi2 Jailbreak Tweak Prevent Certain Apps from Accessing WiFi Network

Once you install the tweak, then open the Preferences app and go to WiFi. At The base of the pane, you’ll come across a long list of all of the apps which are installed on your iPhone, including both inventory and third-party programs. From here, it is possible to manage which programs have access to a WiFi and block those which shouldn’t use your WiFi.

To prevent an app from accessing your iPhone’s WiFi, locate it in the Listing and turn off the toggle next to it. And that is it! The tweak will prevent this app from accessing the iPhone’s WiFi. Much like this, you can disable the rest of the program which needs to be blocked from using WiFi.

Employing the tweak is quite Simple and the best part is that it integrates To the WiFi pane in Settings. Should you ever want to block certain apps from accessing your iPhone’s WiFi, then this tweak will definitely come in handy.

ConditionalWiFi2 is available for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. You Can install it on iOS 10 devices only. If you wish to utilize it on beyond iOS Variants, then you should have a look at the old version of the tweak Known as ConditionalWiFi. It supports devices running iOS 7 — iOS 9.

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