Apple iDevice December 1, 2017

CustomSettingsCells is a new Jailbreak Tweak that Enables the users to customize the thickness of the Preferences Cells in the Settings App. It is easy to reduce the size of those Preferences Cells with the support of this jailbreak tweak.

After you install the tweak, it provides a preference pane in the Settings program from where you are able to configure these options.

  • Enable or Disable the Tweak
  • Select thickness of these cells from the following choices:
  • Small cells
  • Bit smaller cells
  • Smaller cells
  • Even smaller cells
  • Extra little cells
  • Extra smaller cells

CustomSettingsCells Jailbreak Tweak

Although, you will not be able to tell that how much will be the Thickness of the Cells decrease when you may choose any of the aforementioned options, but remember that the tweak does not require any respring for changes to take place, so it is simple to see the effects. You will have to close the Settings App and re-launch it again and the adjustments will be made in the thickness of the cell.

The tweak has multiple options, therefore, you can pick the one which you enjoy the very best and believe that it matches along with your device.

It’s a nice little tweak for people who Wish to customize their Apparatus but not everybody will like the shrunken Cells so, if you like the Concept of the tweak then you can download it free. CustomSettingsCells can be found in Cydia’s BigBoss Repo and is compatible with iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10 Jailbroken devices.

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