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Dual-Boot 2 iOS Versions on Jailbroken iPhone Using CoolBooter

 It’s been a long time since iOS 6 was iOS’s latest version. Not everyone may remember it, but those people who have been employed iOS products for years will probably have happy of when iOS 6 were initially produced memories. IOS 6.1.3 was the last type of iOS 6 was launched in March of 2013 and produced for several units. Since that time should you had updated your system, there wasn’t really an approach to make contact with that firmware version.

That’s now altered for an amount of gadgets using the launch of the much cooler resource for downgrading your unit. CoolBooter can be an application which can be saved using the capability to install IOS-6 as being an extra operating system in your product through Cydia. Exactly what does this mean? It means that if you is appropriate for IOS-6, and possess a compatible jailbroken device above, or that is jailbroken on iOS 7, you’re able to run both a version of iOS 6 and the recent edition of iOS installed at the same period!

So that you can achieve this, just what exactly do you really need? Properly of composing this article CoolBooter during the time continues to be in its stage. Because of this there are several disadvantages around the units it is compatible with (compatible devices given below). Only devices using a 32bit processor architecture are compatible with CoolBooter. It’s also simply appropriate for devices that have firmware recommendations that are freely accessible, meaning gadgets like the iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5th-generation, and the mini that is iPad will likely never use CoolBooter. This may also just assist devices which can be presented jailbroken.


  • Compatible devices:

– iPhone 4
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 5c
– iPad 2
– iPad 3
– iPad 4

  • This may just be done on units which can be already jailbroken.
  • Since the new OS is mounted independently in the principal one, no data is erased in this procedure.
  • You should have atleast 5-6GB of storage that is accessible on your product.
  • Be sure to backup all information on your device in iTunes before trying this, or even to iCloud.
  • CoolBooter, of posting this, at the time, remains in its stage. You probably shouldn’t utilize this only incase anything goes wrong and you should restore your unit in iTunes thus should you depend on your jailbreak. If your jailbreak is lost I don’t take liability.
  • Be sure to verify the state CoolBooter Twitter page for changes regarding the task.

Dual-Boot 2 iOS Versions on Jailbroken iPhone Using CoolBoote

  1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken system and demand Options loss. Engage the Change button in the top-right, then engage Include the very best left. While in the field which pops from the source ‘‘ up engage Add Source.
  2. Tab the Go Back To Cydia key, when the supply has been added. You must will have the CoolBooter origin of your product. Steer to it and discover the package named CoolBooter Beta. Touch the Install switch in the top-right to put in the CoolBooter software.
  3. You ought to have the CoolBooter application on your own home display, when the CoolBooter tool finishes adding. Should you not see the CoolBooter application, reboot your product and it should search. Open it, when you’re able to see the CoolBooter application. Before applying CoolBooter about copying your device you will get yourself a caution. Tap the OK button to ignore this.
  4. Inside the CoolBooter app you need to have two solutions to you personally. There ought to be a Trunk button and a button. To begin installing iOS 6 as being an extra OS, touch the Install option. This may show a menu enabling you to choose which model of iOS you would want to deploy because the extra operating system. Pick any of the kinds accessible and tap the I’m Ready! Key.
  5. Two different popups must now appear on your product. If you want to jailbreak the second operating system whilst it has been mounted you will be asked by the very first. I suggest achieving this currently as looking to take action through jailbreak instruments that are different can lead to difficulties. The next popup demands you if you’d like to verbose boot. This means that when starting into the next OS it’ll show traces of wording as opposed to the conventional Apple brand. It is up to you that you simply would prefer.
  6. Once both pop ups have been sealed, the unit will start accessing iOS’s chosen variation from Apple’s servers. It will finish, although this may take quite some time but. Once the firmware file is saved the device will quickly set it up like a secondary OS. Be sure you do not use close the CoolBooter app, or /secure your product while this technique is going on. Keep the unit alone while this can be happening. *
  7. When the deployment is comprehensive, an Uninstall option will be changed to by the Mount button inside the CoolBooter app. If you ever need to take away the extra OS out of your device you should use this. At this time you must restart your unit to ensure everything is fitted properly. Open the CoolBooter application, once restarted and tap about the Start selection. Your unit to be booted to the operating system that is extra will be prepared by this. Following a few seconds, you need to obtain a pop-up asking wait 10-second and to lock your product. Try this, and your device has to start with-boot into the OS that is secondary. Click the house key, if it does not and it will commence to boot.
  8. Once the unit finishes booting you need to be approached with the IOS-6 setup screen. Have the usual steps until you get to the house monitor to set a fresh product up. You’re not managing iOS 6 as being an extra OS!
  9. To-boot back to much of your iOS version, simply restart your unit. Follow the action 7 whenever you wish to boot into the secondary OS.

*If when CoolBooter is in almost any other stage of the install, or partitioning your product, you obtain a mistake, it probably ensures that there’s inadequate available space to perform the install.

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