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After upgrading to iOS 11, Facebook seems not functioning properly for many iPhone users. Another also complained Facebook keep crashing or restarting on iPhone. The explanations for all these issues could be incompatible applications, out-dated app variations, poor network connection etc.. Here we’ll list 5 frequent Facebook issues and their repairs.

Common Facebook Issues On iOS 11

1. Facebook Not Loading/Opening on iPhone

Once installed the brand new iOS 11 on iPhone, Facebook won’t open or respond at all after tapping the app icon. Some user encountered this problem when trying to open a Facebook on Safari.

2. Facebook App Keeps Crashing with iOS 11

You might encounter Facebook app keeps closure the moment you start it. The screen goes blank and then you’re taken back into the home display. More unfortunately, the Facebook app crashes very often when playing videos with iOS 11, and this issue cannot be easily fixed even you upgraded to the latest iOS 11.2.

3. iOS 11 Facebook Notifications Not Working

Facebook push notifications are not working properly is just another problem after upgrading to iOS 11. But when the notification isn’t working, you will not be able to reply to it instantly.

4. Facebook Draining Battery on iOS 11

The battery drops down immediately after running Facebook just for some time? You are not alone. This dilemma occurs when Facebook desktop app refresh and location services are enabled.

5. Facebook Not Updating News Feed/Contacts on iPhone

Cannot get information feed and update contact is another problem on Facebook after iOS 11 update. Router and network might be the significant reason behind this matter, but the software battle may also lead to upgrading mistakes.

Possible Fixes for Facebook Problems on iOS 11

1. Force Quit and Launch App Again

Whenever Facebook crashes or freezes after logging onto iOS 11, you can force quit it by pressing on the home button and swiping the program’s preview to shut it. Then open Facebook again to check if it works today.

facebook quit apps - How to Fixes for Facebook Problems on iOS 11

2. Check iPhone Network Connection

There are various issues which are brought on by poor network connections, make certain that the Wi-Fi is working good on your iPhone. If you encountered Facebook not upgrading new feed, profile picture or not showing posts and remarks, switch off the wireless community and then flip it on. You can even use cellular data to refresh Facebook.

3. Restart the iPhone

As most of us know a simple restarting will fix many problems on iPhone, you can also have a try when Facebook isn’t working correctly.

force restart your iphone 8 iphone 8 plus - How to Fixes for Facebook Problems on iOS 11

4. Upgrade Facebook

An old version Facebook might be not entirely compatible on the newest iOS 11.2/11.1/11.0. Attempt to update app from the App Store.

5. Reinstall Facebook

If you failed to fix Facebook not loading, reacting or refreshing on iPhone after attempting the approaches above, try to delete the app and set up It. As Facebook utilizes user account and passcode to login, in order to Don’t need to worry about any data loss after reinstallation.

fb delete app - How to Fixes for Facebook Problems on iOS 11

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