Apple iDevice March 26, 2017

The new Fuji theme for LockHTML brings the familiar macOS login screen style lockscreen to iOS devices. This means you will get an unlocking experience that looks very similar to the desktop OS. Now of course there are big differences between the original desktop login screen and this theme for iOS lockscreen due to the fact that both function very differently. The theme looks pretty nice with its minimalistic interface and offers a light and dark mode for notifications.

On the theme the time is displayed on the top left corner while the date appears on the right corner. In the upper section of the lockscreen you will see a placeholder image featuring a lion and the fake username ‘John Appleseed’. Of course you get the ability to replace the image and username with your own picture and name. The Press Home to unlock text appears below the image.

In the bottom half of the screen the notifications appear. One thing that I personally like about this theme is that it gives users the ability to switch between dark and light modes for the notification alerts, which also changes the background color for ‘Press Home to unlock’ text. According to theme’s developer you have to change the start position in Notifications Settings in the LockHTML4 tweak’s settings for the notifications to work properly.

Fuji Jailbreak Tweak

How to Install Fuji for iOS 10

You may interested in installing this impressive Cydia Package. For this, follow the steps and it will done.

  • Open Cydia on your device.
  • Head over to Sources Tab.
  • Add the following repository to your Cydia:
  • Get Fuji for iOS 10 on your device for $1.29.

The Repo is a third-party not official so please pay using PayPal at your own risk. I have observed this thing on Reddit in r/Jailbreak.

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