Apple iDevice August 12, 2017

Status bar is one of the most useful characteristics of iOS. It enables you to quickly glance at important information, like the present period, the battery level, telephone signals, WiFi strength, etc. A brand new jailbreak tweak called Hera aims to go a step further by incorporating additional functionality to the Status bar.

The tweak adds shortcuts to each of your Status bar icons and lets you modify their positioning. Before I go into detail about how this tweak works, I should point out that you need to set up two other Cydia packages as well, otherwise this tweak won’t work. One is libstatusbar and the other is libobjcipc. For many reasons, these packages have never been indicated as a dependency for the tweak.

The very first feature provided by Hera is repositioning of the Status bar icons. You can tap and drag your icons from the status bar to modify their positioning. The best part is that this is achieved in real time. Since you drag an icon, then it will follow your finger until you launch it. In this manner, it is possible to quickly re-position the Status bar icons to acquire the arrangement which you want.

The second quality of Hera is that you’re able to tap on each of the Status bar icons to perform specific actions. Here’s what all those icons do when you tap on them:

  • Carrier signal: disable or lets AirPlane Mode.
  • WiFi: searches for local WiFi networks.
  • Battery: enables or disables Low Power Mode.
  • Clock: displays the Clock app in a popup window.
  • Do Not Disturb: toggles it on or off.
  • Bluetooth: searches for local Bluetooth devices.
  • Location Services: enables or disables it.
  • Mobile Data: toggles it on or off.

As you can see, these shortcuts enable you to quickly perform common tasks in the Status bar. As an example, you can tap on the WiFi icon to rapidly connect to a local network without opening the WiFi preferences pane. This tweak is unquestionably a great time-saver in regards to accessing the common preferences of your iPhone.

Hera Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Use Status Bar Icons As Shortcuts

Hera is a really creative tweak and a unique one. I did nevertheless face issues with some of the Status bar icons. For instance, you need to tap many times on the clock to observe the Clock app. In the same way, tapping on the Do Not Disturb or rotation lock icons will do nothing whatsoever.

If you’re interested in giving Hera an attempt, you may download it in a Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.00. The tweak operates on jailbroken devices running iOS 4 through iOS 10.

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