How to Bypass Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection

How to Bypass Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection

Pokemon which is very famous game is recently released for both iOS and Android users by the name “Pokemon Go” and it is developed by Niantic Inc, who also developed popular app named Ingress. Its a good experience with this game for every one but there is a problem for iOS Jailbroken devices. Pokemon GO do not allow Jailbroken iOS devices to play this game. Thats why I am here for you with Pokemon GO Jailbreak detection bypass using PokePatch Tweak. If you are one who is looking for Pokemon Jailbreak detection bypass then you are the right place. Simply follow my guide and you will be done with this problem.

Bypass Pokémon GO Jailbreak Detection

Step 1. First of all open Cydia on your Jailbroken iOS device, installed Pokemon Go and then add Reley’s repo.

Step 2. To add this repo navigate to Cydia > Sources Tab > Click Edit button on upper tight corner > Tap Add button on upper left corner.

Step 3. Add this repo on your device now : for a while to refresh Cydia Sources.

Step 4. After adding this repo go to this repository and find PokePatch package.

Step 5. Install this package on your device.

You just have to reboot your device once before running Pokemon GO. After rebooting run this app and hopefully it will now work on your jailbroken device.