Apple iDevice June 24, 2015


Untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.3 has been released and is now available for download. The tool is also capable of jailbreaking iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2. But many people overlook an important detail which led to the jailbreak process is stuck at 20% and followed by error (-1101), the detail is that you must ensure the iTunes 12.1.0 been installed on your Windows PC for TaiG jailbreak.

By default, the iTunes software automatically checks for updates every time the program is run, if you accidentally get the update iTunes 12.1.2 on your computer, then please downgrade back it to 12.1.0, to fix the 20% stuck and error (-1101).

How to Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

Step 1: Take a backup of your iTunes library.

Step 2: Uninstall iTunes 12.1.2 completely.

  1. Quit the following programs if they are running:
    • iTunes
    • Apple Software Update
  2. Windows 8: Click File Explorer > Settings > Control Panel.
    Windows Vista or Windows 7: From the Start menu, click Control Panel.
  3. In Control Panel, click “Uninstall a program.” The Programs and Features Control Panel will open.
    Alternately, if you don’t see “Uninstall a program,” click Programs and Features.
  4. Select iTunes.
  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. When asked if you would like to remove iTunes, choose Yes.
  7. After the uninstallation is complete, don’t restart your computer if you’re prompted.

Step 3: Download iTunes 12.1.0 from this link (32-bit) or this link for 64-bit.

Step 4: Double click on the appropriate itunes exe file.

Step 5: Follow the instructions to install iTunes as you normally do. Your iTunes library will not be affected.

Once the iTunes has been downgraded to an earlier version you can continue jailbreaking your device using the TaiG 2.0 tool. If you need help then you can use our detailed how to guide for iOS 8.3 jailbreak here.

We are sure TaiG team is working on solving this problem and later versions of TaiG will not experience this issue. If you don’t want to downgrade your iTunes then we advise you to wait for an updated version of the tool.

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