Apple iDevice April 13, 2018

Today’s iPhones Possess the best vibration motor of any smartphone Outside there. However, no matter how great the taptic engine receives and how realistic and fun the vibration feedback becomes on an iPhone, there’ll always be folks who simply don’t enjoy when they device vibrates.

If you are among these people, then we have got the perfect tip for you. In this quick tutorial we will explain to you how you can completely turn off the vibration feedback on your iPhone. This tutorial will help you in turning off vibrations not just if your device is in silent mode, however you will also be able to turn off the vibration when you telephone rings during phone calls.

Turn Off Vibration on Any iPhone

Turn Off Vibration on Any iPhone

  1. On your iPhone open Settings and visit General.
  2. Tap Access choice and scroll down until you see ‘Vibration’. Harness it.
  3. At the Vibration page turn off the toggle for ‘Vibration’.

It is possible to turn the vibrations back simply by following the steps above, only this time you have to turn the toggle back on.

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