Apple iDevice March 26, 2018

Unlocking an iPhone X requires 3 steps to accomplish the job. First, You’ve got to raise to wake or tap on the display to wake up the iPhone X, then glance at it, and finally swipe in the bottom of the screen to unlock it when the lock icon transports in the closed state to open.

Many iPhone X consumers find the third step that involves swiping up from The bottom of the display to unlock the phone, unnecessary. If you are one such user, then a Cydia tweak known as FaceUnlockX is for you.

As Soon as You have installed FaceUnlockX in your jailbroken iPhone, the Tweak will skip the next step of swiping in the base of the screen to unlock the device. Your iPhone X must unlock automatically once you attentively examine it.


Please keep in mind that the jailbreak tweak will not be able to Automatically unlock iPhone X if the Music is playing or when you will find notifications on the Lock screen. This makes great sense as it allows you to use playback controls, whereas the audio is being played or read notifications.

Unlocking iPhone X at a glance is more of a personal preference. But, In case you find it more convenient then you can try FaceUnlockX. It’s Become one of those very few jailbreak tweaks available for Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone X.

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