Apple iDevice May 22, 2014


The German security researcher Stefan Esser, or most commonly known as i0n1c, a couple of days ago published a photo of Cydia running on his iPhone. Today, i0n1c published a post  video mentioning how he achieved the untether jailbreak, also calling his jailbreak Cyberelevator one of the most powerful jailbreaks in jailbreaking history.

In the video, an iPhone 5c running iOS 7.1.1 is shown, with Cydia installed. He also reboots the device just to show us that it is in fact an untethered jailbreak. Again, he hasn’t said anything about a release date or if he actually plans on releasing the Cyberelevat0r tool.

Check this out:

We hope to see an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak released after the confirmation whether or not the exploits exists in iOS 8. Please note…Don’t believe, and try your luck with random sources and most definitely do not pay for a jailbreak. If an official iOS 7.1+ jailbreak will be released, we will let you know. Stay tuned.

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