Apple iDevice December 1, 2012

Developer apps cydia launch updated iFile, This tweak works with iOS 5 or higher. iFile v1.8.0-1 tweak for file manager and viewer for iPhone/iPod/iPad. iFile supports you to view the files openly as well as Text, Sound, MS Types, PDF, HTML and Movies. With iFile deb you can go straightly to any pages for PDF files. iFile also supports compressed file and ZIP packing and also edit the text files. allows you to download and upload with the help of iFile built-in web server.




Features iFile 1.8.0-1

  • File Browser
  • File Manger
  • Image Viewer
  • Web Viewer
  • Attributes Editor
  • Audio and Video Player
  • Preferences
  • Localizations
  • Document File Types: rtf, html, htm, pdf
  • Microsoft File Types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, pptx
  • Apple iWork File Types: pages, numbers, key and other File Types: zip, 7z, deb, rar, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.Z, tgz, tbz2, gz, bz2, Z, xml
  • File Types via External Viewers: SQLite3: sqlite3, sqlitedb, db
  • Interaction with other Tweaks/Applications (Cydia):
  • Safari Download Manager: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
  • AttachmentSaver: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
  • Music Controls: allows to interact with iFile’s Audio Player e.g. on Lock Screen etc

What’s New In iFile v1.8.0-1

  • Enhancements
    • Updated iFile for iPhone 5 (startup image) and iOS 6 support in general.
    • Support added for accessing as remote file system.
    • Support for remote browsing of Toshiba FlashAir SDCards added as remote file system (browsing and copying supported).
    • Upgraded Dropbox SDK Version to 1.3.2 – mandatory to allow authentication beyond 30-Nov-2012.
    • Removed trash icon for closing tabs and added close button instead (similiar to Safari).
    • Added xm file extension to be opened in iFile’s Text Editor by default.
    • Switched compiler from GCC to CLANG.
    • The fixes and enhancements of this release will only apply to armv7 based iOS devices, i.e. following iOS devices:
      • All iPads running iOS 4 or later.
      • All iPhones starting with iPhone 3GS or later.
      • All iPod touch starting with iPod touch (3rd gen.) or later.
    • Added background images to file browser to ease identification of box, Dropbox and FTP tabs.
    • Added labels for file system type and path to tab chooser.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed crash in Registration Status dialog after entering it for 2nd time.
    • Corrected reflection of browser images in tab chooser.
    • Crash fixed in Zip Viewer.
    • Fixed deadlock during startup of iFile when a password needed to be entered for an FTP server, but it was blocked by the startup GUI.
    • Fixed registration failures on iOS 6
    • Fixed that browser did not refresh after file renaming on an iPad.
    • Fixed various issues with bookmarking of files on iPad.

Download iFile 1.8.0-1 available in cydia via the BigBoss repo for $4 and supports iOS 6.

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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