Apple iDevice January 10, 2018

iOS 11.2.2 Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple has Launched iOS 11.2.2 software update for all Versions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch along with the upgrade is currently available for download. The software release largely concentrates on the Spectre bug and provides mitigations into Safari browser and WebKit that will be beneficial in preventing hacking. Apple has emphasized the value of this launch by saying it is “recommended for all consumers”.
If You Would like to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 11.2.2 and we recommend You need to, you’ll find the upgrade in the Settings app by going to General > Software Update. It is also possible to download iOS 11.2.2 using the guide IPSW download links that are available below.
Along with releasing iOS 11.2.2, Apple has also released MacOS 10.13.2 supplemental security upgrade. This update too is expected to Feature mitigations for collapse and spectre bugs.

iOS 11.2.2 Downloads Link

You can install the iOS 11.2.1 update wirelessly, but if you’re not getting the OTA update then you can download iOS using the direct download links and update it manually using iTunes.



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