iOS Tips and Tricks: 3D Touch, Home Screen and General Tips

iOS Tips and Tricks: 3D Touch, Home Screen and General Tips

If you have been an iOS user for years, you probably think you Understand All the intricacies of Apple’s operating system. Even though there is a chance that you may be right, there is also a possibility that you haven’t yet found everything!

iOS Tips and Tricks

A user on reddit has published a variety of iOS hints and tricks. Below, We’ve shared a few of these hints:

3D Touch:

Let’s begin with the basics, Aside from 3D Touching any program for Shortcuts, photographs for peak and pop up, links for a fast preview, or command center toggles for more options, here are a few more applications for it:

  • 3D Touch any folder with a badge on it to instantly jump right into whatever app has notifications within that folder.
  • 3D Touch on any notification (lockscreen or notification centre) to immediately interact with it (if the app supports that).
  • 3D Touch on any tab in Safari to preview that tab.
  • 3D Touch on the x button at the telling centre to dismiss all notifications.
  • 3D Touch on the computer keyboard for a cursor to precisely edit your text.

Bonus tip: after the first press, it is possible to press harder again and this will allow you to select text, it goes like this:

  1. Finger on keyboard
  2. Hard press, Taptic feedback tells you you’re now moving the cursor
  3. Eliminate most of the strain without removing your hands
  4. Hard press, it should select the word the cursor is finished.
  5. You can repeat 3 and 4 to Pick a paragraph, or haul the Cursor around to choose random sections.
  • 3D Touch across the left side of the screen for fast access to the app switcher (iPhone 6s,7,8 and their Plus counterparts just).
  • You have the ability to change the sensitivity of your 3D Touch By going to Settings > General > Access > 3D Touch.

Home Screen

  • You can move multiple icons if you are on iOS 11 (or higher) by going Into wiggle mode, holding an icon, and along with your other hand select Other icons by tapping them.
  • Likewise, it is possible to move icons between different pages by holding the Icons in one hand, while swiping into another page along with your other hand.
  • If you swipe anywhere on the homescreen you open up spotlight Hunt, nothing new there, however, did you know you could use it to perform a Speedy calculation, a fast currency conversion, checking the weather And more, and also you do not have to type a complete sentence to accomplish this, you can Just type”weather” and it will give you the weather based on your Present location, similarily, you could type something like”350 usd” Also it will automatically convert them into a currency – , based In your current place, if, you would like to convert to a different Money, then you can just type”3 usd to cad” and it will work also.

General Tips

  • You can start a recently closed Safari tab by entering tab view, and holding in the button.
  • It is possible to choose to reload a website without content blockers by holding the refresh icon and selecting the choice to do so.
  • Similarly, you can request a desktop version of the website by Holding the exact same refresh icon and clicking on request background website.
  • You can close tabs by holding the tab in Safari.
  • If you have some text copied and you want to look it up, enter Safari and also hold the url bar, and you will get a”Glue and Search” Button, and if the text happens to be a site, the button will be a “Paste and Go” one rather.
  • If you want to find text on a page in Safari, you can click the URL Bar, type the word that you would like, and select the last option”On this particular Webpage”.
  • You can search involving your open tabs in Safari by clicking on your Tab view, tapping on the status bar or just scrolling all of the way up, and Then slipping down.
  • It’s possible to open a link in the background in Safari by tapping it with two fingers.
  • Ever had trouble opening control center when you have a keyboard opening? The answer is simple, just pull up and hold from the bottom of The display and voila.
  • Do you have multiple Wifi networks as well as your device has always been connected to the wrong one? You can prevent this from happening from Going into Preferences > Wifi, once there, tap the blue”I” next to the
  • Network that you DON’T want your device automatically linking, and Turn off”Auto-Join”.
  • If you are on a device Aside from the iPhone X and wondering The way to get notifications to only appear as soon as you unlock the device, you Can do so simply by going into Preferences > Notifications > Show Previews
  • Then select the option that says”When Unlocked”, today, notifications Content is only going to be viewed by you, simply by resting your finger on Your Touch ID detector.
  • On IOS 11, it is possible to empower Type to Siri by going into Preferences > General > Access > Siri and enable Type to Siri.
  • If you use iMovie on your device and would like to export 60 fps Videos, you can allow it by going to Settings then scrolling all the Way down until you visit iMovie, tap on it and then from there you can empower 60 fps exports.
  • I just learned about this a few days ago, however, if you would like to Create the colours in your device pop more (I know I understand Apple calibrates Their devices to be colour accurate, but it’s still wonderful to have as an Alternative), to accomplish this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accomodations > Color
  • Filters, after there, enable Color Filters, and select”Blue/Yellow Filter”, do not forget to change your Intensity settings in the very bottom, I find that anywhere from 5-15percent Is about perfect for me, personally taste. Ever given your telephone to someone to show them a picture and then They suddenly feel as though they’re on Tinder and keep swiping? You can Stop this with”Guided Access”, however, it requires a small setup for The very first moment. To do so, go into Settings > General > Access > Guided accessibility and turn that on, make sure to place a Passcode for this, and enable the switch in the bottom”Access Shortcuts”, after that is done, open and leave any app, double tap tap the Home button and now you’re in guided access mode, click on
  • Options and Disable touch, I hope you’re still with me, the initial setup is done! Now, whenever you want to hand your phone to someone you can simply Triple click on the home button to start a guided entry session, and Anytime they’re sneaking in your personal tap pictures.
  • In the Event That You ever find yourself in need of a bubble level, You’ve gotten that Built into your phone right into the compass program, just open it and swipe To the page.
  • If You Wish to delete multiple photos, enter the picture program, click Select at the upper right corner, and slide your finger over the Pictures which you want to delete, you can pick a good deal of images Very fast with this method, and then only hit delete when you are done.

Via: reddit