Apple iDevice December 7, 2017

I have always liked the iPad’s Camera UI, as it is more clear and Reveals more in the camera viewfinder. However, on that the iPhone its own a different narrative as black bars cover a good deal of the UI, even about the new iPhone X. A new Cydia tweak for jailbroken devices called iPad Cam for iPhone solves this problem by bringing iPad’s Camera program interface to the iPhone.

iPad Cam for iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Exactly like the iPad the buttons are displayed on one side of the Display and so are transparent, which means that you may see what’s behind them. This makes taking photographs with the iPhone even more fun. Arguably, this also makes using the Camera program more convenient since all the controls have been placed on one side rather than being dispersed to top and bottom bars.

The camera controls and style changes are placed on the right side while the zoom slider is put on the left.

IPad Cam for iPhone would have been more helpful on the iPhone nevertheless Because of lack of available jailbreak for the apparatus it is limited to iOS 10 powered devices only. You can download the iPad Cam to get iPhone tweak, free of your BigBoss repo.

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