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Developer apps cydia launch update Mail Enhancer Pro, This tweak works with iOS 7 or higher. Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7 v3.0.1-1 tweak for add more configurations to your iOS email experience. With Mail Enhancer you can add a signature each for forwarding, composing, and replying to emails, also this tweak brings HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to the iOS Mail application and many more useful features. After installation you can configure options from Settings app.

mailenhancerproios7 cydia tweak - Mail Enhancer Pro Cydia Tweak Updated With Support for iOS 7

Mail Enhancer Pro Features

  • Multiple Signatures (even HTML capable) for each Mail Account
  • HTML Usage for Mail Composing
  • Rules for incoming emails: Mark read / flagged, notification, move to mailbox, delete
  • Custom notifications (Vibrate x-times, Show / Hide Popup, Soundfile or iTunes Ringtone, Speech)
  • Custom volume for mail notifications
  • Option: Sound / Speech notification always or only when headphones are connected
  • Announce emails using Addressbook names
  • Use volume buttons to dismiss notifications
  • Mail Highlighting in inbox (using different colors)
  • Inbox filter (Show unread / flagged / all with a single tap)
  • Quick actions (Mark read / unread, flagged / unflagged, delete, move) using swipe and touch gestures
  • Select / Deselect all mails in inbox
  • Additional Usability Features

What’s New In Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7 v3.0.1-1

  • Added iOS 7 support.

Download Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7 deb available in cydia via the BigBoss repo for $4.99 and supports iOS 7.

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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