Apple iDevice November 27, 2017

One of the biggest changes Which iOS 11 brought to the iOS platform is the Control Center. The software upgrade brought a major shift to the Control Center providing users a single page encounter complete with useful shortcuts, hidden menus and 3D Touch gestures.

IOS 11’s Control Center is absolutely one of our favorite features of iOS 11. However if you are jailbroken and running iOS 10 on your iPhone, you don’t have to miss out on its own features. The newly released Maize tweak by Creatix Dev Team brings the iOS 11 Control Center experience to iOS 10.

The tweak moves a step further than bringing Only the look of the new Control Center into iOS 10, since it also adds the 3D Touch shortcut menus, which users may get with drive press or a long press on their devices.

In the screenshot below, you can see how well the tweak has been Designed and implemented. In fact, it’s really hard to tell if those screenshots are from a real iOS 11 powered apparatus or a jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone running the Maize tweak.

Maize Jailbreak Tweak

A great feature of the Maize tweak allows users to switch between Distinct Wi-Fi programs directly from the Control Center display. Just tap and hold on the Wi-Fi toggle and decide on the system you would like to connect to.

As you would expect from a jailbreak tweak, Maize is highly customization. You then can toggles and shortcuts in the Settings.

You can download the Maize tweak from Cydia for 3. If you Previously bought CCXI tweak out of iOSCreatix, you then get a 50% Discount, and the tweak will probably be available for $1.50.

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