Apple iDevice February 6, 2015

Developer apps cydia launch release MoreThanSMS, This tweak works with iOS 8 or higher. MoreThanSMS jailbreak tweak brings ability to place phone calls right from the Messages application in iOS 8. Once installed, This tweak adds a new button to the top center of the Messages application in the navigation bar; it has a phone icon, as shown above. When you tap on it, you will be shown a dialing pad, as well as a text field in an alert box where you can either cancel the call, or initiate the call. While the tweak seems useful for making quick calls there’s one thing that is missing, which is the access to Contact list. Users can only type in the number and hit the call button as there’s no option to access the Contacts. For that you will still have to either go to the Phone application or launch the Contacts app.


If you are interested, then you can free download MoreThanSMS from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. To install this program requires a jailbroken device (see if and how you can do the jailbreak to your iPhone by clicking here) and you need an Internet connection to download the package. This tweak is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions of the mobile operating system from Apple.

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