Apple iDevice July 12, 2016

The Cydia Tweak BattSaver has been officially released and works with devices that have iOS 9 or higher. BattSaver is a new cydia tweak lets you increases your battery life by adjusting system options that use battery power even while your device is in standby mode, such as Push, wireless radios, Location, and more. This feature has been directly included in the new iOS 9 by Apple under the name Low Power Mode. However, if you have a jailbroken device that does not support iOS 9 or you are looking for an alternative, then BattSaver can come really handy.

Features BattSaver

  • Clever: automatically switches off battery-draining components when unused
  • Efficient: up to 2 times battery life and more!
  • Wise: extends battery life time by reducing number of charge cycles
  • Clear: includes monitoring views to check battery state in real-time
  • Intuitive: with pull to refresh feature

Popular Jailbreak Tweak BattSaver Now Support for iOS 9

If you’re in to give this tweak a try, BattSaver jailbreak tweak is available for $3.99 from BigBoss repo. Simply install the tweak on your device and configure it the way you want to use it from the preference pane which you can access from Settings app and then you are ready to make the best use of it. To install this program requires a jailbroken device (see if and how you can do the jailbreak to your iPhone by clicking here) and you need an Internet connection to download the package.

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