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Snapchat was the first Program to roll out a feature called ‘Stories’ That allows users to share photos and videos which last up to 24 hours before evaporating. Shortly, many social media and messaging apps followed Snapchat’s nod to roll out their own variant of Stories in their own apps. WhatsApp is just one such program which included a similar feature in their app named Status.

With WhatsApp Status, you can share photos and videos together with all of Your WhatsApp contacts, which will stay accessible for 24 hours before evaporating mechanically. There are occasions when you would like to conserve a specific Status shared with one of your contacts. Regrettably, WhatsApp doesn’t permit you to do so because it defeats the entire point of this attribute.

Fortunately, when You Have a jailbroken iPhone, then you can very Easily save photos and videos from WhatsApp Status to your iPhone. All you need to do would be to put in a jailbreak tweak known as WA Status Save. This tweak bypasses WhatsApp’s limitations and permits you to save Statuses. The best part is that it supports jailbroken devices running iOS 8, iOS 9, in addition to iOS 10.

In this tutorial, we’ll show You How You Can install and download this Jailbreak tweak, and use it to save videos and photos from WhatsApp Status to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. If you wish to jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 10, then it’s possible to read our detailed jailbreak guide to learn how it’s done.

How to Save WhatsApp Status into the iPhone Camera Roll

Step 1: On your jailbroken iPhone, open Cydia.

Step 2: Go to the Search tab and seek out the WA Status Save. Once found, tap on it to start.

Step 3: The tweak is a paid package which can cost you $1.99. Tap on the purchase button to buy the package.

Step 4: After you buy the tweak, tap on the Install button, then press Confirm to begin installing the tweak on your iPhone.

Step 5: Now you’ve downloaded and installed this tweak, you are all set to save WhatsApp Status. Proceed to the Home display and open WhatsApp.

Step 6: Open a Status that you want to save.

Step 7: You’ll see a new button in the upper right corner which says ‘Save’. Tap on this button to store the photo or video to your iPhone.

How to Save WhatsApp Status on Your iPhone

Step 8: Once the media are saved, a message appears on the screen which says “Save succeed!”.

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