Apple iDevice September 6, 2017

The Now-Playing Attribute in iOS 10 Obtained its separate page, but still, it Is extremely small with a very boring look. Apple isn’t moving far ahead in respect to this Now-Playing Page as in iOS 11, its design is almost similar. Sinatra is a new Jailbreak tweak which replaces the aged Now-Playing page of Music with a brand new, modern and great looking Now-Playing Page.

Sinatra Replaces your present tiny music page with a redesigned look heavily focused on staying true to the existing aesthetics of iOS 10 to supply a natural, fluid Control Center page you will soon forget is not stock.

The Integration of the new Now-Playing is done so perfectly by the programmer that the Page does not seem to be outside components instead it seems really default-like. The tweak only changes the looks of the Now-Playing Page. Other than it will not do anything so, you won’t have to worry about any feature missing from the Now-Playing Page.

Sinatra Jailbreak

The Main function of this tweak is to provide a good appearance to iOS since the default Now-Playing Page is dull and does not really matches using the interface. Should you really care about the looks of this iOS then this tweak will definitely end up being great for you since it brings a redesigned Now-Playing webpage rather than the older one.

If You can’t endure Apple’s bare, dreary mess of empty space (and despise the road they are taking in iOS 11), this will immediately become your favorite change of the song!

Once you set up the tweak, respring your apparatus So that the tweak can be enabled. If you’re looking to configure the options of this tweak afterward there are not any options to configure with this tweak. Just set up the tweak, respring your device and you will notice the brand new Now-Playing Page.

If you need interested in the notion of the tweak and to check it out then you can download and set up Sinatra out of Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. It is available for $1.99 and is compatible with iOS 10 Jailbroken apparatus.

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