SpoofSnap Jailbreak Tweak Brings Fake Snapchat Stats

SNapchat is a really popular social network as you might know. Being hot on Snapchat is like being very popular, but most of us simply are not much popular. At the least, we get marginally 30-40 perspectives on each Snap and a single screenshot in roughly 10 or even more snaps which are extremely low. If you would like to update your Snapchat Popularity then you should try a new jailbreak tweak called SpoofSnap.

SpoofSnap is a brand new jailbreak tweak that is a rather fun tool to use for Snapchat users that wish to spoof their popularity. SpoofSnap Allows the consumers to fool their friends into showing how much popular they are on Snapchat. This doesn’t affect the program or your accounts in any way and is an entirely benign tweak. It merely allows you to change the amount of viewpoints on a Snap and then you are able to choose a screenshot of the stats and show it to your buddies.

SpoofSnap Jailbreak Tweak

By altering the views on a Snap, you may even alter and set bogus Screenshot stats. With the Support of SpoofSnap, You can increase or only multiply the views and screenshots on your stories, your Snapchat score as well as the people you have in the buddy list. This tweak just makes the changes on a particular device and the actual stats of this application are not changed whatsoever.

This tweak has many other functions too like hiding screenshot Stats, status bar inside the app, concealing the scanning to other consumer and conceal messages and names while in the app.

SpoofSnap is readily available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What are your thoughts about this tweak?