Apple iDevice December 6, 2017

Customization is one of the greatest advantage and Chief reasons people Jailbreak their own iOS device. If you want some awesome, fancy, and clean customization for your Home Screen then we’ve got a new jailbreak tweak for you called SpringToolz. The tweak has been developed by a renowned iOS programmer, Stoyan Stoyanov. This tweak lets you fully customize the icons of your Home Screen.

The default rectangular icons of the iOS interface are fairly dull and boring, therefore, with the help of all SpringToolz tweak, you will have the ability to modify the shape of the app icons from rectangular to any form you like.

You are able to alter the form of your app icons, include shadows and a number of different things. Springtime Includes a number of icon shapes pre-loaded to select from and give them a look like that shape. After you put in the tweak, then go over to Settings program and then enter the preferences pane of this tweak and configure the program icons.

SpringToolz Jailbreak Tweak

In the preferences pane, there are 3 segments of options in which You are able to configure the icons design. The first section is in the form of this Home screen app icon, the next section deals for the shape of this Dock app icon and the 3rd sections with the adjustment of drop shadow of these icons.

After you are finished with the setup of this tweak, go to the chief preferences panel and tap on Apply button. Your device will reboot and the changes will be applied.

If you want to install SpringToolz then you’re able to download it from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. It’s supported on all iOS 8, iOS 9, and iSO 10 jailbroken devices.

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