Apple iDevice July 31, 2017

The Power Off Display in iOS Was revamped Many times over the Previous few iterations of all iOS. In iOS 10, when you press and hold the Power button, you are presented with a slider and a knob that you can to sweep to power off your iPhone. If you’d like to bring a fresh look to this interface or switch to how it looked back into iOS 7, then you should have a look at a brand new jailbreak tweak known as StyloPowerDown.

This tweak brings a few new topics for the electricity off screen in iOS 10. You can change to the timeless power off display that was present back in the days of iOS 7 or you can opt for a theme that has been inspired by the energy down menu existing in LG cellular phones.

StyloPowerDown Jailbreak Tweak Brings New Power Down Menu for iOS

Apart from styling your power down the screen, it also adds new Functionalities for it. After you opt in for the LG-inspired power off screen, along with the default power button, you get additional options for restarting your iPhone or placing it in Airplane Mode. On the flip side, the iOS 7 motif only changes the skin of their power down display to appear like this of iOS 7. It also provides a popup menu that you may enable to gain access to more features such as respring, reboot, Airplane Mode, in addition to Safe Mode.

When You install the tweak, head to its preferences pane in Settings To configure it the way you want. You’ll find the following configuration options:

  • Enable the LG-inspired power down menu
    – You can hide the button tags with this menu as well as adjust the blur opacity of the background
  • Toggle onto the iOS 7 electricity off motif
    – Use a lighter font for this particular menu
    – Enable background blur
    – Adjust the blur opacity
    – Enable popup menu to get additional features like respring, reboot, Airplane Mode, and Safe Mode

Each time you make changes to the tweak’s configuration, you have to perform a respring. The respring button is situated in the bottom of the tweak’s settings pane. Unfortunately, the changes do not take place straight away so a respring is demanded. It might have been much more suitable if the tweak applied the fluctuations in real time so that consumers could view how all those themes looked without doing a respring.

If you have always wanted a useful shortcut to respring or reboot your iPhone with the tap of a button, and then you’re going to adore this tweak. Not only this, but in addition, it lets you experience the classic appearance of the power down menu that has been inspired by iOS 7 or a more contemporary appearance taken from LG handsets.

If you’re into Provide this tweak a try, StyloPowerDown can be obtained for $1.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It supports devices running on iOS 8 — iOS 10, therefore I guess that a large majority of jailbreak users should be Able to set up this tweak without confronting any compatibility issues.

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