Apple iDevice July 31, 2016

The Cydia Tweak Tap to Translate has been officially released and works with devices that have iOS 9 or higher. Tap to Translate is a new cydia tweak brings the powerful translate feature of Android to iOS, allowing users to quickly translate text from any part of iOS.

With Tap to Translate, if you want to translate a phrase from one language to another, simply highlight it and tap on the Copy button. As soon as you do this, the tweak displays a floating button. Pressing it displays a popup with a translation of the copied phrase using Google Translate.

You can opt-in for a new translation or change the translation language. If you tap on the more options button, represented by three dots, next to the translated text, you can copy it or open it in the Google Translate app if installed. The floating button can be dragged anywhere on the screen and you can hide it by tapping and holding on it. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds for the button to appear after you copy a phrase. The tweak doesn’t require any additional configuration after you install it. It gets enabled by default and you can get started by copying texts which you’d like to translate.

Because the tweak relies on the Google Translate app for its functionality to work, you do need to have the free Google Translate app from the App Store installed on your iOS device with this jailbreak tweak simultaneously, so this is something to keep in mind. The tweak will not work properly without the app being installed.

Tap to Translate Cydia Tweak  Brings Android-style Translate Text to iOS

If you’re in to give this tweak a try, Tap to Translate jailbreak tweak is available for free from BigBoss repo. Simply install the tweak on your device and configure it the way you want to use it from the preference pane which you can access from Settings app and then you are ready to make the best use of it. To install this program requires a jailbroken device (see if and how you can do the jailbreak to your iPhone by clicking here) and you need an Internet connection to download the package.

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