Apple iDevice December 21, 2017

TouchHome Jailbreak Tweak

In case you’ve jailbroken your apparatus on iOS 10 because its most secure version can also be introduced then I have a new tweak in the that you ought to have in your jailbroken device. This new tweak is called Touch Home and it turns out the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor into a house button.

TouchHome Function

Sounds funny that Touch ID Sensor already has the Home Button however, with The support of this tweak when you tap on the house button(not press) of iPhone subsequently the iPhone will act like the house button will be pressed and will conduct the particular function. E.g If you tap once on the Home Button, then it will go back to the home display and If you tap twice then it will open the App Switcher.

This tweak, Touch Home is fully made for iOS 10. There have many tweaks like this previously which turned Touch ID of the home button, but for iOS 10 Touch Home is the very first tweak to do so. Virtual Home was likewise a similar tweak which performed the exact same functionality, but the issue with Virtual Home is that it is not supported for iOS 10 jailbreak and also Virtual Home is a paid tweak whereas Touch Home is a free tweak and open source accordingly, that’s also a plus point for Touch Home.

The Touch Home tweak remains being updated and had Some bugs for reacting too quickly and causes the device to return to the home screen instantly. Users on the Reddit reported about it and the programmer is working on the tweak. This would be fixed in upcoming moment.

How to download TouchHome

The Touch Home tweak is available at no cost on Cydia. You can get it by adding the next repo from the Cydia:

If the report doesn’t work, then you can still try this method to put in it. To put in Touch Home tweak:

  1. Install Filza/iFile App(Available in Cydia).
  2. Open the next link from Safari:
  3. Now from the Github page Download the .DEB file.
  4. Open the .DEB file with Filza/iFile program.
  5. Now install the tweak.
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