Apple iDevice December 5, 2017

A new tweak called Unify X is only released a Few days ago and it has a very unique and significant functionality which has to have been released to the Apple.

What this tweak does is that it arranges all of the notifications from a Specific application to a group making it easier so, that users can read the alarms readily and manage them accordingly. The tweak Unify X will arrange all of the alarms from one program into a group of alarms from that same app.

Unify X Jailbreak Tweak

The alarms are arranged in 1 notification segment on Notification Center and Lockscreen. This tweak additionally has the option that permits the users to sort out the notifications as they like. They could either type out the notifications according to time or app. Additionally, it has a Chaining link option by which the notifications from precisely the exact same sender will be chained in a single group.

If the grouping feature does not suit your liking, then you can remove This feature. In the preferences pane of this tweak, it is possible to permit the Do Not Group option to unchain the notifications. You can also remove the slide to get more feature also. The tweak combined with this feature also includes some other functions that you will know after using the program.

The Unify X tweak is readily available for iOS 10 to get $2. For those who have previously used or bought this tweak then it’ll be available as a free upgrade.

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