UpsideBoard Jailbreak Tweak Let You Add Upside Down Orientation to the iPhone

Apple has given Plus-sized iPhones an edge over the normal iPhones And they have a feature that generally sized iPhones don’t have and that’s the landscape orientation. In the normal iPhones, this attribute is not available but at the Plus Sized iPhones, you’ve got this feature and it is even available in places such as Home Screen.

IPad also has this feature and it extends into the upside down Orientation that the Plus-sized iPhones likewise don’t have but a new Jailbreak Tweak known as UpsideBoard changes this for all devices.

The tweak brings the upside-down Home Screen orientation into iPhones And this is not only limited to plus-sized iPhones, but is readily available for all sizes of the iPhone.

UpsideBoard Jailbreak Tweak

For most users, this tweak Might Not Be a very useful jailbreak tweak But nevertheless, it matches the gap that Apple had generated by introducing the landscape orientation into the Plus Sized iPhones.

Nobody is likely gonna rotate their Home Screen upside down on Regular basis, but still, this feature is there and sometimes you may need this feature.

I can’t really think about the tweak anything other as a tweak that is fun as It merely brings a tiny little feature and that may or may not be useful for many users, however when you have a jailbroken device then it’s great to have some interesting tweaks on it too. The tweak is ready to use shortly after installation and no options will there be to configure.

If you’re interested in the notion of the tweak then you can download and install UpsideBoard from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. It is available free of charge and harmonious with iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10 Jailbroken apparatus including iPods.