Apple iDevice January 29, 2014

Developer apps cydia launch update VideoPane, This tweak works with iOS 7. VideoPane v1.1.2 tweak for enables you detach the video from the most of the video players and offer it directly to the springboard. When you bring up an app that plays videos, like YouTube or iTunes, once the video is loading you’ll be prompted by the tweak to ask if you would like to detach the video. If you do tap yes to detaching the video a tiny video player widget will appear that you can drag around the screen and even make slightly transparent if you double tap it.

While VideoPane contains no dedicated preference panel, you will find several Activator actions dedicated to it in the Activator preferences. By default the double tap VideoPane gesture is assigned to the transparency action, but that can easily be reassigned to a pause gesture, close gesture, or the like.

videopane deb cydia - VideoPane 1.1.2 Cydia Tweak Updated With Fix YouTube Audio and Option to Disable Detach Prompts

What’s new in VideoPane v1.1.2

  • Fix YouTube audio continuing to play even after video is dismissed.
  • Add option to disable detach prompts.

Download VideoPane deb available in cydia via the BigBoss repo for $1.99 and supports iOS 7.

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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