Apple iDevice August 18, 2014

Developer apps cydia launch release WAEnhancerLite, This tweak works with iOS 7 or higher. WAEnhancerLite v1.0-1 tweak brings new features to your WhatsApp Messenger application for improving your user experience. This tweak expands the functionality of WhatsApp with long subjects, unlimited photos, read marks, share styles, select all, other media options and more. Developer also offers a paid version of the tweak called WAEnhancer that offers even more additional features for WhatsApp Messenge. After installation you can option to configure from Setting app.


WAEnhancerLite Features

  • Send more than 16MB of media (maximum of 2GB)
  • Create a status up to 2500 characters long
  • Have 25 characters for a broadcast and 300 characters for group subjects
  • Send unlimited amounts of photos
  • Enable or disable last seen functionality without 24-hour restrictions
  • Choose whether or not you send read receipts to your messenger buddies
  • Set a full un-cropped profile picture
  • Password protect the application
  • Immediately show the keyboard after opening a conversation
  • Hide the camera button
  • Change navigation bar and toolbar colors
  • Change the font size of the application
  • Change the text color of the text in message bubbles
  • Change the color of URLs in the application

What’s New In WAEnhancerLite v1.0-1

  • Initial release

If you’re jailbroken, you can download WAEnhancerLite deb available in cydia via the BigBoss repo for free and supports iOS 7.

How To Install Deb File to your iDevices

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